​​The Gardens of Sophia Charitable Trust

 Gardens of Sophia is committed to creating a lasting legacy to humanity for many generations to come

 it provides assistance in improving the lives of the most disadvantaged people

Gardens of Sophia is based in the Himalayas of Northern India

 It gives support to many humanitarian causes including assistance for women, children, the homeless, poor and dying 

It supports clean water, shelter, healing, holistic wellness, sustainable energy & organic gardens 

Gardens of Sophia is an influential supporter of the people on the margins of society

and of the charities that work alongside them

The Gardens of Sophia Charitable Trust gratefully welcomes your donations as they bless countless lives


Much Love From the Universal Heart Connecting us All as ONE


Gardens of Sophia​​

Awakening, Healing, Yoga and Silent Meditation Retreats

 Relationship Guidance and Spiritual Life Coaching

Currently Located in the Himalayas of Northern India 

Individual Healing, Meditation and Deepening Sessions

​One on One and Group Sessions Available

 ​in Person and Virtually

For a Complimentary Consultation

or to Make a Donation

​Please Fill out our Contact Form Found on the Contact Link

& We Will Respond in a Timely Manner

Much Love and Blessings From the Universal Heart 

gardens of Sophia